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Miyoo Mini V2 Retro Game Console

Miyoo Mini V2 retro game console is the ideal handheld for those in a hurry thanks to its little structure factor. Estimating simply 9.33 x 6.5 x 1.8 cm and weighing 110 grams, it includes a completely clear 2.8-inch IPS show at 640×480 goal that looks astonishing.

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Miyoo Mini V2 - Small, Powerful, Great fun

🎮 Ultra Compact Design with Case: Small and lite style body design, ultra-compact size, it is very convenient whether you carry it with you during business trips, travel or camping. Recall the dream of the games anytime, anywhere.

🎮 Miyoo Mini V2 Game console’s small size is easy to carry and convenient for you to play. Game console’s body structure is small and light.

🎮 Measuring just 9.33 x 6.5 x 1.8 cm and weighing 110 grams, it features a crystal clear 2.8-inch IPS display at 640×480 resolution that looks amazing.

🎮 Miyoo Mini V2 Version Supports 5000+ Classic Games: Works for many emulators, covers many kinds of games, like experience, shooting, activity, dashing, and so on. Simply remove from box to play.

🎮 The working framework is fueled by RetroArch and utilizes a custom frontend to explore your games library on the Micro SD Card.

🎮 MIYOO Mini V2 upholds various exemplary computer games control center and arcade including Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, PC Engine, Wonder Swan Mono and Color, PlayStation 1, CPS-I, CPS-II, CPS-III, and Arcade with Final Burn Alpha.

🎮 With the RetroArch framework you can save your game whenever and continue it precisely the latest relevant point of interest.

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miyoo mini v2

🎮 It is fueled by a 2000mAh battery-powered battery offering 4-5 hours battery duration relying upon utilization. Equipped with great efficient LiPo (new version), just charge and play.

🎮 Miyoo Mini V2 has a powerful ARM Cortex A7 dual core processor which runs up to 1.2GHz. It is very capable of playing your favourite 8 and 16bit retro games.

🎮On the bottom is a 3.55 headphone port, Micro SD Card slot and USB Type-C charging port. On the side is a volume button and the top has the power button.

🎮 Customized Simple System: Equipped with an optimized system with higher stability and effective running speed, which including save & load game, favorite and recent folder function etc.

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🎮 Miyoo Mini Handheld Game Console comes with a miyoo mini case.

🎮 There is a card reader that you can connect to a computer in order to load games into miyoomini.

🎮 Screen film against screen scratches is also included in the package.

🎮 It is sent with a higher capacity memory card depending on the stock situation. ( 64gb and 128gb)

MIYOO MINI V2package

Mini retro gaming console is ideal who want a truly convenient retro handheld that is light and very compact in that it can undoubtedly fit inside a coat pocket. Notwithstanding its little size, it has a strong processor and great battery duration which will last a day to day drive or longer distance travel.

Miyoo Mini V2 Reviews

There’s a whole array of retro emulation handhelds hitting the market this year, but when it comes to pure portability at a certain emulation threshold, I really like the Miyoo Mini. However, the Mini has so much going for it behind its aesthetically pleasing screen and pocketable demeanor that lives up to its name. If I’m to recommend a console in this category, I would vault the Miyoo Mini to the top of any short list for buyers looking to play emulation up to PS1.
Miyoo have excelled in the hardware department for this handheld, with one major oversight. They’ve set out to create a capable low budget device with a previously unused SoC and have succeeded. For $99 you are getting a highly pocketable, fairly comfortable mini handheld with a good high res panel. The controls are well thought out with a clever shoulder button implementation and excellent dpad. The overall build quality is superb
it’s doubtful you’ll find much to complain about the Miyoo Mini’s performance. It’s solidly built, has a lovely screen, and features a friendly but customizable UI that both experienced and beginner retro gamers can jump right into.
However, what you do get is a great portable handheld, which packs a punch way higher than it should. It’s well made and has a fantastic screen. In my opinion, anyone into portable retro gaming should have this mighty little handheld as part of their collection.