Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue

  • Durable: The game console is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is durable and has a long service life. it can be used for a long time.
  • Usb cable: The usb cable can be easily connected to a computer, power bank or other devices with usb port.
  • Lcd monitor: The lcd monitor displays time, speed, distance, calories burned and so on, which makes you feel like you’re playing games.
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Miyoo Mini V4 Retro Game Console Transparent Blue

Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Yellow

🎮 Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue Ultra Compact Design with Case: Small and lite style body design, ultra-compact size, it is very convenient whether you carry it with you during business trips, travel or camping. Recall the dream of the games anytime, anywhere.

🎮 Miyoo Mini V4 Game console’s small size is easy to carry and convenient for you to play. Game console’s body structure is small and light.

🎮 Measuring just 93.5mm x 65mm x 18mm and weighing 107 grams, it features a crystal clear 2.8-inch IPS screen display at 750 x 560 resolution that looks amazing.

🎮 The New Upgarade

  • Full Lamination Screen(OCA Laminated)2000mAh Double
  • Protection High Density Polymer Battery
  • Battery Life is 5-6 Hours (Removable to replace 804050 battery)
  • Storage bag instead of carton packaging

🎮  Miyoo Mini V4 Version Supports 5000+ Classic Games: Works for many emulators, covers many kinds of games, like experience, shooting, activity, dashing, and so on. Simply remove from box to play.

🎮 The working framework is fueled by RetroArch and utilizes a custom frontend to explore your games library on the Micro SD Card.

🎮 MIYOO Mini V4 upholds various exemplary computer games control center and arcade including PS1, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, FBA, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD, SMS, GG, MEOGEO, PCE, WSC…

🎮 With the RetroArch framework you can save your game whenever and continue it precisely the latest relevant point of interest.

Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Retro Grey
Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Retro Grey
Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Retro Grey
Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Retro Grey
Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Retro Grey
Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue

🎮 It is fueled by a 2000mAh battery-powered battery offering 4-5 hours battery duration relying upon utilization. Equipped with great efficient LiPo (new version), just charge and play.

🎮  Miyoo Mini V4 has a powerful ARM Cortex A7 dual core processor which runs up to 1.2GHz. It is very capable of playing your favourite 8 and 16bit retro games

🎮 On the bottom is a 3.55 headphone port, Micro SD Card slot and USB Type-C charging port. On the side is a volume button and the top has the power button.

🎮 Customized Simple System: Equipped with an optimized system with higher stability and effective running speed, which including save & load game, favorite and recent folder function etc.

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Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue

Discover Gaming Elegance with Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Console in Transparent Blue

Embark on a journey through time and pixels with the Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console in Transparent Blue. This stylish and compact console brings the magic of classic gaming to your fingertips in a sleek, modern design.

Unveiling Miyoo Mini V4: A Transparent Marvel Explore the unique features that set Miyoo Mini V4 apart. The transparent Blue casing adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming experience, providing a window into the intricate design of this retro-inspired console.

Dive into Gaming Paradise Miyoo Mini V4 hosts an extensive library of pre-installed games, spanning various retro consoles. Relive the glory days of gaming with iconic titles and hidden gems, all conveniently packed into a pocket-sized device.

Ergonomic Excellence for Endless Play Designed with comfort in mind, Miyoo Mini V4 boasts an ergonomic layout that ensures a comfortable grip during extended gaming sessions. The tactile buttons and responsive controls transport you back to the golden era of gaming.

Reliable Performance, Endless Fun Powered by a robust battery, Miyoo Mini V4 guarantees hours of uninterrupted gaming pleasure. Experience seamless gameplay, whether you’re dodging enemies, solving puzzles, or racing against the clock.

Unlock Your Creativity with DIY Features Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue encourages creativity with its DIY capabilities. Personalize your console to match your style, and join a vibrant community of gamers who share tips, mods, and tricks.

Connect and Compete Engage in multiplayer fun with Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue’s multiplayer support. Connect with friends for cooperative adventures or challenge them to retro-style duels. Share the joy of classic gaming with fellow enthusiasts.

In Conclusion: Miyoo Mini V4 – Where Style Meets Substance In a world dominated by advanced gaming technology, Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue stands out as a beacon of retro elegance. Embrace the nostalgia, celebrate the present, and game on with the Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue.

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11 reviews for Miyoo Mini V4 Handheld Retro Game Console Transparent Blue

  1. O***o

    It’s small, it’s mighty and very nice retro looking device. Fast delivered and everything is working as expected. The only complaint I have is with the supplied card and card reader. The card reader is pretty flimsy (it already broke into two pieces ‍♂️) and the card alone is very slow. It’s quite recommended to buy a respectable brand card.

  2. R***g

    Thiiiiiis is so cute! I love the size and design of Miyoo mini. The store responded quickly and fast delivery.

  3. G***e

    Because I don't have V2 and V3 I don't know if it's from V4 or not. The difference I felt was as follows ① Due to the change in monitor size. The impression that it does not fit completely within the frame of the shell It feels like something is on top of me It feels like the entire surface of the monitor is bulging. ②The top of the center reset button is Changes from flat to rounded shape (Is this from V2 or later?) ③The volume adjustment jog dial has become a little louder (is this also from V2 or later?) ④The brightness of the LCD is high. The viewing angle is also wider (This has been since V2, so I don't know if it's gotten any better) ⑤The battery installation is now a plug-in type (I think this is also from V2 or later) ◆Simple review Honestly not worth buying again It would be nice to have one for collection purposes

  4. R***r

    A beautiful little gaming device. Comparison with the PLUS version in the photos. Great satisfaction, thank you. You have made me happy.

  5. J***a

    Product arrived well packed, came with case, everything as described. I was taxed at 64 reais, even before conforming. Portable is very beautiful and small ..

  6. B***r

    It arrived pretty quickly and I love how everything fits so neatly inside of the case. No screen problems. However, my L2 button has a bad mold and doesn't move. It is stuck. I might have to see if I can receive a new L2 button from Miyoo. Everything else is great!

  7. W***n

    working as expected. Same as the V2/3 with a beter screen this time. Will grab another one soon. highly recommend as always from this store.

  8. C***s

    Is very small and it is surprising what she does. I love it!

  9. N***n

    fast delivery, less than a week to get to the UK. works perfectly, I recommend adding onionOS. it's a great sized console for so many games, I love playing GBA games on it the most

  10. H***y

    The beat design . Size perfect . Just sad no wifi for retroachievements. The rest is Golden. Thank you Miyoo

  11. T***k

    I love this console, but i choose the wrong color its ugly i should have picked black or white.

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